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Weekly CRE Update, May 26th

An evaluation of the performance of REIT’s during inflationary periods should offer guidelines on Commercial real estate investment in general.

Weekly CRE Update, May 18th

Prologis Research has issued an updated industrial outlook for 2022 that increases its industrial rent-growth forecast for this year to 22%.

Weekly CRE Update, May 12th

In a previous article I had submitted, there was a national statistic that approximately 67% of the existing workforce were choosing to stay home and

Weekly CRE Update, April 13th

With an infrastructure bill finally into law, what does 2022 bring for commercial real estate-related legislation?

Weekly CRE Update, April 7th

After U.S. commercial real estate transaction volumes declined in 2020, 2021 recorded a remarkable comeback.

Weekly CRE Update, March 11th

Factors like pandemic proofing and ESG compliance could undercut values in as much as 75% of total inventory according to new analysis.

Weekly CRE Update, February 11th

For the first time since the pandemic began, the office real estate market in the U.S. had some unreserved good news in the fourth quarter.