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Weekly CRE Update, April 10th

After observing the current economic sector, Blackstone is excelling in a “bottoming” environment as far as investments.

Weekly CRE Update, April 3rd

Covid-19 changed a lot of ways in which we do life, particularly how we work. The working sector of the world has gotten used to

Weekly CRE Update, March 27th

One particular investment professional, Matt Eagan, shares his concerns with inflation rates following the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Weekly CRE Update, March 20th

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to effect economic sectors of our world, especially when it comes to the commercial real estate market. 

Weekly CRE Update, March 13th

Just like in every other sector of the world, trends also take place in commercial real estate. These trends are important to follow because they

Weekly CRE Update, March 6th

Commercial Real Estate loans are really not that much different from mortgage loans. The differences are small, and they lie in the qualifications for each

Weekly CRE Update, March 1st

The hotel Industry is suffering from a severe shortage of workers at a time when they are needed the most.

Weekly CRE Update, February 21st

As companies navigate the pros and cons to return to work, many are factoring in their fixed costs, and the argument is more concentrated on

Weekly CRE Update, February 7th

In the real estate industry, people frequently reach agreements by text or email. Are those contracts enforceable by law?

Weekly CRE Update, January 31st

BlackRock Real Estate Research says that after a catastrophe, investments often do well, and 2024 may be no exception. In particular, one of these occasions