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Weekly CRE Update, June 22nd

Due to rising interest rates and other economic challenges, the retail market was experiencing some obstacles.

Weekly CRE Update, June 7th

In a recent article, Erik Sherman discusses how the treasury’s demand for large sales will draw investors and money away from borrowers like CRE firms.

Weekly CRE Update, May 24th

In a recent article, K.C. Conway, CCIM, MAI, CRE discusses how climate change, shifting criteria, and growing complexity in assets are facilitating an evolution in

Weekly CRE Update, May 11th

According to the Industrial Real Estate Market Report, there is some good news coming to the industrial real estate market.

Weekly CRE Update, May 3rd

In the Bloomberg Surveillance Podcast, Bill Dudley talks about the Fed’s game plan. Also, Andrew Hollenhorst, Citi Chief US Economist, joins the podcast and gives

Weekly CRE Update, April 19th

Recently, Emily Peck stated in an article that lending among small banks in the U.S. was already underway before the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Weekly CRE Update, April 14th

The next, smartest business move would be to outsource jobs overseas. Companies are responding to labor shortages and rising wages by sending their employees overseas

Weekly CRE Update, April 5th

Not since the passage of Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act (FIRREA) in 1989 has the valuation of real estate come under such scrutiny

Weekly CRE Update, March 29

In a podcast, Kevin Fagan discusses the Federal Reserve’s approach to interest rates, how much exposure real estate has to regional banks, and many more

Weekly CRE Update, March 22

With the concerns of the recent major bank failures both here and abroad, the stability of the banking system, overall, should be considered strong.