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Weekly CRE Update, November 15th

In a recent Twitter feed, the Triple Net Investor discusses some recent deals that have been sold or marketed at incredible discounts.

Weekly CRE Update, November 8th

With falls in commercial real estate valuations, people are starting to have questions in regards to the industry’s future.

Weekly CRE Update, November 2nd

Unfortunately, the commercial real estate market is having a hard time when it comes to receiving loans from banks, investors, and many other commercial property

Weekly CRE Update, October 25th

According to Matthew Rothstein, of Bisnow Philadelphia in an article intitled “CRE Loan Distress Hits 10-Year High As Office Debt Crisis Accelerates” over $215B worth of commercial property debt

Weekly CRE Update, October 18th

It’s no secret that AI, artificial intelligence, has become a huge part of many industries all over the world. 

Weekly CRE Update, October 10th

“Everyone needs to eat, and groceries are typically the biggest line-item expense for a family after housing.” True enough!

Weekly CRE Update, October 4th

In a recent article, Molly Ryan discusses the recent crisis that is happening in the Louisiana Insurance Market

Weekly CRE Update, September 27th

After almost 5 long months, the writer’s strike, that has taken a huge toll on the content industry, has come to an end.

Weekly CRE Update, September 20th

In a recent article, Erik Sherman discusses how first time homeowners may have a difficult time in the homeowner market.