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Weekly CRE Update, July 27th

Restaurant tenants and deals are quite more difficult than your average transactions. Recently, increases in economic challenges have made restaurant transactions a lot more tricky.

Weekly CRE Update, July 21st

Real estate agents are experiencing challenges, as well as opportunities, when it comes to the supply chain disruption.

Weekly CRE Update, July 13th

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, contracts to buy homes have dramatically decreased due to higher mortgage rates and increasing inflation.

Weekly CRE Update, June 22nd

According to studies, commercial real estate incur fixed costs which should protect commercial real estate businesses from rapid, growing inflation.

Weekly CRE Update, June 15th

Interest rates will be a major factor in commercial real estate acquisitions. Interest rates are remaining low as inflation rises.

Weekly CRE Update, June 7th

Property sales declined dramatically during the pandemic. Today, we see that rising interest rates are the cause of lower property sales.

Weekly CRE Update, May 26th

An evaluation of the performance of REIT’s during inflationary periods should offer guidelines on Commercial real estate investment in general.

Weekly CRE Update, May 18th

Prologis Research has issued an updated industrial outlook for 2022 that increases its industrial rent-growth forecast for this year to 22%.