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Weekly CRE Update, September 27th

After almost 5 long months, the writer’s strike, that has taken a huge toll on the content industry, has come to an end.

Weekly CRE Update, September 20th

In a recent article, Erik Sherman discusses how first time homeowners may have a difficult time in the homeowner market.

Weekly CRE Update, August 30th

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many real estate sectors started to decrease. Fortunately, thanks to retail, the Baton Rouge sector has not been experiencing this

Weekly CRE Update, August 23rd

Due to the significant amount of technological advancements over the years, technology has become a huge part of this generation.

Weekly CRE Update, August 7th

In an article, the Wealth Management Real Estate Staff put together a must read list for real estate investors.

Weekly CRE Update, August 2nd

Inflation has been a consistent issue regarding the U.S. economy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many property sectors flourished.

Weekly CRE Update, July 26th

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, households were saving large amounts of money due to the uncertainty of what the future would hold.

Weekly CRE Update, July 13th

In an article, Matt Giffune discusses how healthcare services are starting to introduce new opportunities to the commercial real estate market.

Weekly CRE Update, June 28th

Although this article is focused on the recent acquisition by Prologis, a major industrial real estate development conglomerate, of a $3.1 billion dollar industrial portfolio,