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Weekly CRE Update, October 27th

Superstores and grocery chains both posted strong gains in the third quarter, with visits climbing more than 7% over 2019 levels.

Weekly CRE Update, October 6th

After a quiet 2020, the multifamily market is revved up for a booming year as the economy and commercial real estate industry open.

Weekly CRE Update, September 10th

When evaluating when to use a ground lease or how to value a property with a ground lease, the following article provides some guidance.

Weekly CRE Update, August 23rd

Average office occupancy will likely “never” return to pre-pandemic levels, according to one US-based analyst surveying the sector.

Weekly CRE Update, August 16th

In the Fall 2020 issue of the Commercial Investment Real Estate Magazine provided by the CCIM Institute, the article by Mark Polon emphasizes the existence

Weekly CRE Update, August 9th

A bipartisan infrastructure spending bill introduced in the Senate Sunday night has the potential to shape America’s infrastructure and real estate landscape for generations.

Weekly CRE Update, August 4th

This appears to be some good news in our business, amid the incredible surge in Covid cases and hospitalizations that our country is currently experiencing