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Income Growth in Commercial Real Estate by John Highman

Every commercial property will have income streams. The question is, are they all optimized and utilized. In this market the income streams for commercial property are so important to the landlord and the financiers for the property. A property with multiple and well protected income streams will more easily…

Community Recovery and Enhancement Act. H.R. 5943

This is an article sent by ICSC referring to H.R. 5943 designed to help get an infusion of private capital to invest into commercial real estate. It is important for all commercial real estate practioners to contact your Congressperson and support this bill.

Dead Malls!

As I sit here reading an article entitled “Retail Architecture’s Changing World” in the one of the latest ICSC publications to come across my desk, it brings to mind a very interesting website that I’m not sure if any of ya’ll are familiar with and might want to take the time to check out entitled…

Landlords Can Help Small Restaurateurs Find Success

As the retail real estate industry transforms in the wake of the recession, mall and shopping center owners are building relationships with the kinds of tenants they might have ignored five or ten years ago. For instance…

Long-Term Outlook for Investing in Mobile Home Parks by Ray Alcorn

The upside to mobile home park investment increases as the mobile home park industry hits an all time low. As communities fight to keep mobile home parks from developing within their boundaries, existing parks have become more valuable because of the barriers to entry.

To Sell or Not to Sell

I have had some interesting conversations with property owners lately about whether they should sell now or wait. One of the unintended consequences of waiting until next year will be the tax rates sellers will have to deal with.

Legislative Update

On May 5, 2010, I was lucky enough to join the CCIM Institute, Louisiana CCIM, and IREM Chapter 55 representatives in conjunction with Louisiana REALTORS® in our descent onto Capitol Hill to meet with our Congressmen and Senators to discuss pertinent issues affecting our commercial real estate markets, clients, and interests.